Our Board of Directors & Volunteers

Stephen Parrott

Board Chair

I am honoured to Chair this organization and take this responsibility very seriously, as those of us who are directly affected, or have family and loved ones affected  by this disease have serious challenges.  I have spent 30 years in the corporate world, including finance, information technology and strategic management.  I am currently a business management and strategy consultant and I bring these skills in working with this great team to make a difference in the life of VHL Warriors all over Canada. Also, I am the father of two daughters, both VHL  Warriors.

Renee Tsang

Board Treasurer

 I am a travel consultant and mom of two kids in Calgary, Alberta. I  come from a long line of VHL Warriors, and I have experienced firsthand the devastating effects of VHL in family members. I am committed to helping create a future for VHL Warriors to live fruitful and meaningful lives and with the advances of current technology, I hope there will be a cure for future generations, where our children and their children can be free from this disease.

Patty Milburn


I have family members who are VHL Warriors and my Mom is a Cancer survivor. I look forward to helping with the leadership of the organization. 

Jess Picture.jpeg

Jess Pearson

Board Member

Having sought a VHL community (outside of my family) in Saskatchewan, Ontario and now Nova Scotia, I joined the Board in spring 2018 to connect with fellow warriors and their families. My family's VHL pathway seems to follow  the eyes, brain, spine and kidneys, with all of us having had brain surgery, various eye surgeries, trial drugs and years of MRIs. As a health professional I want to understand more about this disease and its processes; and as a patient I hope to create a Canadian VHL community for myself and all those who conquer this illness. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve!

Lauren Fowler

Board Member

Lauren is the daughter and sister of VHL Warriors. 

Ehvan Parrott

Communications Coordinator

 I am a VHL Warrior, both of my adrenal glands have been removed due to VHL tumors.  I am currently working full time at our local Hospital and I am looking forward to using my technical skills to help the Canadian VHL Alliance. 

Julia Parrott

Communications Coordinator

 I have had VHL my whole life with two partical and one full adrenalectamy's at the ages 8, 11 and 17. I am a Psychotherapist living in Ottawa and I love being a part of the Canadian VHL Alliance.