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We raise funds to support VHL research enabling:

1.  The funding of research promoting understanding and treatment of unique von Hippel-      Lindau Types and their affect on disease management 

2.  The identification of and the advocation for best practice diagnosis, surveillance, and treatment of von Hippel-Lindau disease 

3.  The enhancment of the quality of life for VHL patients and their families and generations to come

The Canadian VHL Alliance thanks you for your support for VHL Warriors across Canada now and in the future.  Without your donation, our organization would not be able to fulfil its mission. We are a registered Canadian Charity and you will be offered alternative methods of payment and issued a receipt for your donation.

The Canadian VHL Alliance collects your personal information in order to process your donation, issue your receipt and occasionally deliver updates about the charity, its impact and other ways you can  help or get involved.  

BN: 887961423RR0001

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