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2022 VHL International Medical Symposium  November 3-5, 2022

The virtual Symposium brought together 56  researchers, medical professionals and patients from all over the globe to discuss the latest in VHL research and treatment.  Celebrated researcher Marston Linehan, MD of the National Institutes of Health participated extensively and we had a video presentation by Nobel laureate Gregg L. Semenza, MD, PhD.

The cure for cancer is in our genes

About the Canadian VHL Alliance. purpose and objectives

A brief summary about the disease, it's origins, diagnosis and treatment

The Canadian VHL Alliance is a team of caregivers and carriers working together. Read more to learn about the Board and the volunteers involved.

Our Vision

The Canadian VHL Alliance has been supporting VHL research for almost twenty years and is dedicated to raising funds for the research and ultimately for finding a cure for VHL while improving the quality of life for those affected by VHL.

At the Canadian VHL Alliance we strive to make your donations count toward research! We look forward to giving you updates about the results achieved through your support.

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